Barcode scan not returning type when set to 'Any'?

Happy new year all

I’m trying to access the barcode type from a barcode scan using the Scan Barcode action, especially if the type is set to “Any”. I’m guessing that the app must identify the barcode type to scan correctly.

The config.type attribute does not seem to be returned and I wonder if there is any way to get this info. Eventually, I’d like to store this with the data so that I can use the Barcode display component to replicate the scanned item

@mrojas might know - it does seem plausible that the type isn’t sent from the native app, but that also seems like something we could easily fix.

Currently, we don’t send the scanned barcode type from the device back to the session, only the scanned data, so there’s no way to access the barcode type. I’ll create a ticket to include the barcode type in the session event.


Super just what I need. Thanks