Barcode Scanned event help

I’m creating a small test project to demonstrate the functionality of Perspective. I’m trying to scan a data matrix on the back of our parts and I’m wondering if there is a minimum size in the barcode scanning routine. The following barcode doesn’t scan in Perspective but does in another barcode reading app (NeoReader):

If I print out a larger data matrix barcode it works. Here is that barcode just outside of the region of interest:

If I couldn’t get another app to read the smaller barcode I might think it’s my phone camera. But since I can I’m wondering if it’s the decode routine inside Perspective.

I’m running the app on an iPhone 7 with iOS 13.2

I just got off the phone with support and it appears the current decoding algorithm is just the way it is for now with no planned changes.

I’m curious if anyone else in the community has been using the Perspective barcode scanning functionality in a production environment. If so, what symbology? What size barcodes? Any problems, tips, etc.?