Barcode Scanner From Mobile Phone

Something I have been think about is that it would be really handy to be able to access the mobile phones camera and take a snap shot of a bar code or QR code and that information be sent directly to the database for inventory logging. We currently use mobile tablets on the floor so our production manager carries his tablet and scanner gun as he is inventorying product. It would be nice to be able to just carry the tablet it would also be more piratical on the back-end because right now the scanner information goes to the ControlLogix and I pull from there to the database, I believe it would be better and more efficient to bypass the ControlLogix and go directly to the database.

How does the scanner information go from the scanner+tablet to the PLC right now?

I mis-spoke, the scanner gun doesn’t connect to the ControlLogix only the barcode scanners mounted in the field and those are brought through the ControlLogix into the database. What I think would be a great feature is to be able to scan a barcode or QR code from Ignition, i.e. mobile device or web camera for PC directly to the database. iPhone has an app called RedLaser that scans barcodes and goes out on to the web to find prices at different stores. RedLaser also sells SDK for their imaging software, the basic principle would be the same but instead of going to the web move the data to the selected database.

This kind of idea is something we’ve heard before, but with the architecture of the mobile module being 100% in the browser it isn’t really feasible.

It think someday we’ll have to write “native” iOS and Android apps for the mobile module to have access to things like the camera (which, obviously, you need for barcode recognition)

sorry for posting in this old conversation,

one of my customer really need this function in ignition, is there any plan to develop this application?

is there any way to combine Phonegap or Apache cordova with ignition?


You might take a look at the “barcode scanner” module we have on the marketplace, it might suit your needs:
marketplace.inductiveautomation. … oduleId=76

see description / instructions here: … index.html