Barcode Scanner Module

I feel like I am missing something…

Is the ‘barcode scanner module’ included with Vision, or is this a MES specific component? … e+Overview


There are two different modules you may be mixing up:

Barcode Scanner Module - this was an IA Labs module (nothing to do with Vision) that was used to interface with web-enabled barcode scanners like the Intermec CK71. It has been superseded by the WebDev module, which can be used to create the exact same functionality and is much more flexible. We have the web dev project available for this, but I’m not sure where it’s hosted right now, I’ll have to look it up next week.

Barcode Module - This is an MES utility module which adds vision components that make the use of client-side serial connections to barcode scanners more convenient. (The user manual has the module name mixed up, I believe)

I can understand your confusion :blush:

Hi Carl, If you have the WebDev project for the Intermec example, I would love to take a look, I am planning on implementing something like this in the future.

You bet, here it is:

<< UPDATE >> new link below

Looks like the file does not exist anymore. Can you reupload it if possible?

Thank you :prayer:

Darn digital rot. This link should be a bit more durable: … anner.proj

I would also like to view this project but I downloaded and imported it and do not see any functionality. Any help with my misunderstanding?

You may be missing the WebDev module?

correct. thank you