Barcode scanner or QR code scanner

Hi everyone,
I’m looking to integrate a barcode scanner in my HMI. I would like to be able to scan a code and make it do an action in igntion. I don’t need to collect any data for now in my sql database. I was looking into Sepasoft’s barcode module, however i was wondering if theres any other way to do so (free if possible). I would be using a tablette that i run a remote desktop to acces ignition on it and that tablette has a barcode scanner integrate within.

Any ideas?

If it has an integrated scanner, it should act as a keyboard wedge.

If perspective, there is a bar-code scanner input component, I have tried to get it working with a cheap-o-scanner, and no luck. I think it has look for prefix and suffix and that has to come in as one keyboard event. I have got it to work with a cognex DM60 working as a wedge. Why the remote? Might mess with the integrated bc scanner.

Don’t know anything about vision.

Don’t know why but it didn’t use the sacnner as a keyboard wedge on my developping tablette, but used and other tablette and works fine. Only difference is the RDP version, older version works but not the newer one (maybe not the problem). Will investigate but thx!