Barcode Scanning on Tablet

Our IS Department has standardized on Lenovo MIIX tablets that run Windows. We would like to use these tablets on the production floor to interact with an Ignition project over WiFi. The operators will have to enter part number data in the form of a 15 character string. In my opinion this is a recipe for fat-fingering the data. Or, the operators will flat out refuse to use the new system because it is too much work to type in 15 characters. Has anyone ever used the onboard camera to scan a bar code or recognize the string directly with OCR? A general road map would be helpful and any input would be appreciated.


Hello, I am interested in this as well. Have you figured out how to use the tablet camera to capture barcodes for ignition perspective?

I haven’t tried to implement this myself, but this thread should give you a little more info.

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If your using a tablet, Apple, Samsung or amazon etc.

This works although you may want to use a session property other then tag.

Thanks! I also found a good document on it: