Base 64 images in report

I have a perspective view that uses the signature pad component to store signature images in a mysql database. I would like to display these images in a report, but i don’t believe the report image component is able to display base 64 images, is there a way to convert to binary, or another method to accomplish this? Thanks for the help!

Possibly the FROM_BASE64 MySQL builtin function.

I gave that a try, but it doesn’t appear to result in a valid BLOB image. I attempted with and without removing the leading characters “data:image/png;base64,” but neither worked.

I couldn’t get this working so instead used this in the signature pad component’s onSignatureSubmitted event to save the file on the gateway:

event.signatureFile.copyTo(os.path.join('c:\signatures', fn))

I then stored the resulting file name in the database, and used the report query to construct the full path and use that as the image components key.