Basic Chart X Axis Date range

I have looked all over the forums and haven’t quite found what I need. I am need to using charts and have been beating my head against the wall on how to dynamically change the date range of the X-Axis. I can do it for the Y-Axis just not the X. Any suggestions?

Basic chart expect the first column of each dataset to have timestamps in either java.util.Date format or raw milliseconds. The X-axis will automatically span the smallest and largest timestamp present in any of these datasets. I don’t believe you can override that.
You probably should pull the data you need into a custom dataset property of a parent or sibling component and then construct the final datasets with the time frame you wish. The view() expression function in the Simulation Aids module can help you do this.
If you need more sophisticated caching of large time series, consider the Time Series Database Cache module.

Check out this plnkr app. Hope it helps.