Basic Easy Chart parameterization question

Is there a cleaner way to do this?:
I have an Easy chart on a popup window to look at the data associated with a UDT. The Easy Chart has six data points that it looks at. The way I have gotten it to work is that the TAG_PATH cells within the Easy Chart’s Tag Pens Data set property are cell update bound to the Selected String Value property of one of six Dropdown List components. The label column in the dataset in the Dropdown list components contains the full Tag Path to each tag for every instance of the UDT that the Easy Chart would use. And finally, all of the Selected Value properties of all six Dropdown List components are bound to the one integer parameter that is passed into the window.

In other words, I am using the six Drop List components to pass strings which are full tag paths into the Easy Chart, the strings are then used for six pens in the chart. This is because I did not find a way that seemed to work in the Easy Chart to make a full tag path string.

As a basis, I used the method described here, < >.

I would bind the EasyChart’s tagPens property to a custom dataset property on the popup’s root container. Then you can pass a constructed dataset to the window when opening that sets the pens. Then you have no limitation as to the number of pens, either. If you are also using DB pens, bind that dataset, too, and pass both when opening.

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Thank you! Initially, I used String custom properties, and the Data set worked, too.