Basic Ignition Networking Question

Recently my company has opened a new site and I have put the Ignition gateway install on the machine in our TN facility (7.9). We have another gateway that is currently running in MO where I am able to log into the gateway as long as I am on our network via my browser. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to allow me to not have to remote into the machine where the gateway in TN is installed and use "http:localhost:8088" and instead being able to access that gateway from anywhere on the LAN. This is a brand new install on the TN server so there is no port forwarding setup, no firewall changes have been made for this Ignition gateway, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for online.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Your company would have to route traffic between the sites using the gateway hostnames/IP addresses. This is purely a network infrastructure issue.


The odd thing about it to me is I am able to access the test server that is in the same building (TN) via "http:machine_name:8088." We have the sites connected, I can ping access the machines in TN from MO but only the production server gives me the "site took too long to respond."

Also thanks for the quick reply, you're always super helpful on the forums.

If the pings to the TN production server are not working, but you can ping other devices on the same network as the TN server, then I would check that there is a default gateway configured on the network card of the TN server, and secondly, if it's a new server, and if it's running Windows, most likely the firewall on the computer is blocking the pings and subsequently access to the Ignition gateway from outside the computer. You'll need to open the appropriate firewall ports, or as a quick test, just temporarily disable the firewall to see if that works. If disabling the firewall does work, then open up whatever ports you need (8088, any other necessary ports depending on what you're needing, and maybe allow pings as well), and it should fix the problem hopefully.