Basic screen navigation

OK this is real basic but I got fed up with opening screens and leaving other screens in the back ground when “inner” screens were open. The manual states you should only have one screen maximised but I have ended up with more than one plus the odd small “log in” screen that could be left in the background so I came up with a method to close all windows except the North docked screen. The following is used in the mousePressed
windows = system.gui.getOpenedWindowNames()
for name in windows:
if name != “North”:

Then you have the normal system.nav.swapTo op openwindow in the mouseReleased.
This way any “major screen change” button closes all windows other than my “North” docked window leaving the “floating” area clear. Simple but may help a beginner like me?

Sounds good. Have you downloaded and looked at the basic Example project? It has navigation set up in the “normal” way and is often helpful for beginners.