Batch Edit of Component Security Parameters

If I am designing and wish to edit the security settings of a bunch of selected controls, I can only do this individually.

Feature request is to allow editing component security if I have ctrl+clicked on more than one component

This is V7.2.4, ignore if already possible.

This is something we’re aware of. Actually component security is slated for a major re-vamp relatively soon, so this will be part of it.

Another nice thing would be to set it so that components don’t have that greyed out appearance when the person doesn’t have access rights.

For example a numeric display with the security parameters set to view but not access will have the grey overlay which makes it difficult to read and hurts the overall visual appearance.

Yes you can set individual component security settings to eliminate this, but without the aforementioned batch editing of security parameters this makes editing a screen with 50-60 components a real pain.

I’d be nice to be able to control how disabled components appear in terms of if they have an overlay or not perhaps on a project level.

Any chance of seeing the ability to select a bunch of components in the designer and change the security settings at once?

Currently the security settings are greyed out in the right click menu if you select more than one item in the designer

On most of my screens I will have no security settings on displayed values but will have them on buttons. (this is so that everything is not greyed out when a client without privileges views the page)

Changing security settings one at a time is a hassle, especially for dense screens.

The ability to multi-edit security settings for component is coming as part of a larger overhaul of the component security system. This is tentatively slated for 7.6, which should come out near the middle of next year.

7.6 in 6 months :question:

when is 7.5 planned for? and what goodies are planned for it? Alerting overhaul?