Beckhoff ADS Driver

iControls has a Beta ADS driver available. Seems robust.
Shoot me a message at We can set something up.


@glenfry1 Could you send me beta version to test it.

I have just recently joined this forum ... I'm one of the main developers on the Apache PLC4X project and I actually built a really well performing pure-java ADS driver that supports Read, Write, Subscribe, Browse ... I in another thread I'm asking for some help with getting started with Ignition with the promise to work on the Apache PLC4X Ignition module.

ADS .. Hope to see soon . :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you ever get in touch with Glen about their ADS driver module? Does that exist?

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I sent them a lot of messages but no feedback @Kevin.Herron .

Well ... so far I've wasted over a week of pretty frustrating trial and error on getting even the simplest Tag-Historian dummy module to work (The other thread ... and no: waiting for 8.3 is not an option, as actually someone willing to pay for my work is asking for this) ... if there's nobody willing or able to help me with this little kick-off, my proposed PLC4X Module will not be an open-source version.

The only non-IA historian implementations are all commercial. I've been poking at doing a historian module, which is why I could offer any tips, but I make commercial modules, too.

Making the module commercial isn't the end of the world.

Is there any change to release trail version for that module for test

Only just seen this, I've been deeeeep undercover.
I'll shoot you an email.

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