Beginner question; gateway script logger not working?

I have a tag change script which works and logs fine as a Client Event Script, but when I run it as a Gateway Event Script, I can’t find the log messages even though I can functionally see that my script is running.

logger = system.util.getLogger(“mylogger”)“running”)

In Diagnostics-Logs I can see my new logger in the filter but there are not any new messages.

What could I possibly doing wrong? Are there some silent permissions needed to write to the gateway log? Do I need to EndLine or flush something?

The latest entry in Diagnostics-Logs is 2 years old. Is it possible that these logs are turned off or being redirected?

thanks. i’m out of ideas.


Are you seeing any error logs where the script should be? What is the full script you are running? Make sure you are doing import system.util. I think it’s necessary for gateway scripts to import which is not always the case with certain client contexts iirc.

This seems like a problem. What version of Ignition are you using? Are the wrapper.log files still updating?

This is Ignition 7.9.3

My includes are:
import datetime, time, system, string

I don’t have access to the PC. Is there a URL to the wrapper logs?



No, you’ll need access to the PC to get any further in troubleshooting or fixing this.

I’ve gotta talk someone who has access to that machine into looking at this for me… what do I ask for other than just modified dates on the files? Should they delete them? Is there another way they can reset them?



Wherever Ignition is installed there should be a logs directory with a system_logs.idb file in it. I’d ask them to stop the Ignition service, move this file somewhere else (or delete it if you don’t care about the old logs), then start Ignition again. It should create a new one and hopefully your diagnostic logs in the gateway will be current again.