Behavior of Custom Session Properties on Import

What is the impact of importing Session Properties?

I have an inheritable project that I want to import Custom Session Properties into, but I don’t want to overwrite any existing properties.

Is there a way to ‘merge’ the changes, or do I have to ‘massage’ the existing properties in json format and then re-import?

An import will overwrite, I’m 99% confident without having looked at the code.
You can find the resource as a plain text JSON file on disk to make the merge a little easier (though, bindings are still somewhat complicated):

Thanks @PGriffith.

Just how complicated are bindings to import if we need to merge the json entries? Is it something that can be done without a science degree…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can go back and forth between Designers and copy/paste bindings, but well, if there was a way to import within a reasonable level of complexity, that might go a long way.

I found them in the props.json file under ‘propConfig’ with reference to their ‘custom.’ name.

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