Beijer App Tags Over OPC UA Server

Newb Question Here - I apologize.

Really new to Ignition and trying to test things out. The basics:

– Running in Trial Mode
– Configured Gateway - created OPC Connection to Beijer device, Created OPC UA Connection to Beijer Device, Created DB Connection --> All Connections Connected with nothing showing as issue in Logs
– Downloaded the Designer

I am trying to see if I can access the Application tags from the OPC UA server through the Tag Browser and I am failing horribly.

What I am seeing and not seeing in Tag Browser:

  1. OPC Browser shows nothing
  2. Can see OPC connection through Tags -> Gateway -> OPC -> Connections -> iX Developer … (this has tags at next couple levels but appear to be system tags for the device)
  3. New Tag is Greyed out when I right-click on Tags

Any help figuring out how to even see if I can access the application tags would be very much appreciated.


What type of OPC driver are you using. Modbus?

Figured something out. Can see tags and add tags if I right click on Default folder under All Providers.


You can also drag OPC items from the OPC browser into the tag browser. Drop them there and they become tags as well.

If you haven’t all ready is an awesome source…

Thanks - nothing is showing up in the OPC browser unfortunately

Found it - I am an idiot – planning on going through the university - just was testing for a proof of concept for someone. I apologize for the basic stupidity here. Have a great day.

if you navigate to your gateway homepage which will look like the following: - x ip address of server or machine that is running service

or http://localhost:8088/web/status/con.devices?56 if its running on your machine. It will provide you with the status of that connection. If youre going over modbus you’ll have to create OPC items manually. Search the docs for such a procedure.

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