Best alternative for system.gui.transform() in perspective

I want to have some smooth effect of moving object like the ones system.gui.transform() has offer.
But there is no such script in perspective and changing x y properties of object casue sudden move movement in object instead of smooth transition.
For example in menu component when click on an item them menu item move left smoothly. This is what I what to recreate in perspective.

Add the following to the style and then try changing the x,y properties.

transition:all .5s linear

Can you show me a screenshot of where did you write this code in style?


I’m really surprised.
Is it possible to use other css3 animation command in style of the component? Like rotation or @keyframe

If the command need more than one line of css3 code how should I put them in style? Especially for definging @keyframe.


css3 animation example. I just rotate the in 360 degree incremental step @ 500ms add just css transition to 0.5s.


Fun experiment: set the transition to something a bit longer, like 2s, and try dragging around your component in the Designer. The transition effect appears to affect the object transitions in both runtime AND design time.

Yep, underneath the hood the “designer” you’re dragging and dropping components onto in Perspective is just another web browser, so it is subject to the same restrictions (and has a few footguns) just like a “real” browser environment does.