Best alternative to a datepicker for a table with a query

Datepicker doesn’t autopopulate today’s date.

So what is the next best option for showing data across date ranges?

It’s not clear what you are asking.
If by “autopopulate today’s date” you mean have today’s date as an initial value then try adding an expression binding midnight(now(0)).
now(0) will only execute once on view load.

What has that to do with date ranges and tables?


What needs to be there in the date picker is to highlight today’s date, but you can easily auto populate selecting today’s date


I am not sure what I did wrong.
If I set a binding, then when I try to change the date, the date picker reverts to the binding.
I tried using a startup script, but that didn’t populate today’s date when I started the page.
Doing something wrong there maybe.

I am using two datepickers for a table with a query to get date ranges.
Since I can’t get them to populate with for example one for now and one for yesterday, I want to figure out the next best thing.

So I am asking instead of how to fix the datepicker, just what is the best alternative?

Sounds like you used now() when you should have used now(0), as @Transistor points out.

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Have you set the binding to bidirectional so that the date picker can update whatever it is bound to. If you don’t then the binding will win.

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Thanks, I really appreciate the help.

I set the binding as now(0), and it is working.
I didn’t see a bidirectional option.

I am still curious what people are using instead of the datepicker when they use something different.
I am very happy that you helped me get this functionality with the datepicker.

Expression bindings don’t have a bi-directional option because you’re binding to an ephemeral logic instead of a “physical” property or tag. You’ll notice that Named Queries also lack a bi-directional option, and even though Tag History references some actual tags there is no reasonable reason to write over historical data, so there is no directional option there either.

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