Best "cheap" tablet PC for Ignition

I am looking for an inexpensive tablet PC for running an Ignition project for remote set-up and troubleshooting of our machines. It looks like I need one that runs Windows so that I can launch regular projects without purchasing the mobile module. Anyone use a tablet PC for Ignition and have any suggestions?

Any modest new computer should work well. You don’t need to run Windows, the requirement is Java. You can run most versions of Windows, Linux, or OSX. I don’t think that CE can run the gateway - someone please confirm or correct.

I’m not 100% clear from your post if this computer will be the Ignition gateway and launch clients, or just run clients from another gateway.

For clarification, the mobile module allows you to run clients in an HTML 5 web browser, which targets devices that don’t support the Java Runtime Environment (JRE), such as iPod/iPads and Android phones. What’s happening in the background is the gateway (Windows, Linux, etc) runs and streams the visualization piece to the web browser of mobile clients.

Thanks, I am looking for a portable, light weight touchscreen PC to walk around with and launch clients (gateway is running on another PC). I know there are issues with Android and other operating system that don’t support J2SE, unless you use the mobile module. This is not something that will be used in normal production, just for me to teach the locations of a storage retrieval machine without carrying my laptop around. Also something that runs for a long time on a charge would be useful.

I don’t have any actual experience with this class of computers. However, Googling it revealed the following:

For cheap machines, check out “touchscreen netbooks”. It looks like ASUS makes some around $550 and HP (Touchsmarts) around $750. Dell has the Latitude 2110, and the XT2, which is a more expensive version.

This concept Toshiba machine looks interesting. It’s a small dual 7" touchscreen “ultramobile” that runs Windows 7. You could do some cool things with the two screens.


You should also have a look at Motion Computing and specially the coming CL900 (evolution of LS800). take a look here
It looks promising and very well priced. More, Motion Computing specialized in tablet/slate and have a lot of accessories as well good drivers updates.

But, is it cheap enough for you ?


That does look very nice. I already purchased an ASUS T101MT convertible touch screen netbook. I would certainly recommend that Motion Computing unit to any of our customers looking for a portable unit to run their Ignition clients.

I just bought an Acrosser 19" panel PC, with core 2 duo for $1800 Australia,. They also have 12/17/19" Atoms for approximately $900 through $1200 Australian. This is from Unitronix.
I am using this unit right now, running LinuxCNC (Ubuntu based) with a custom driver.

I am sure they have representatives worldwide. Fantastic unit, can’t speak highly enough about it for the price.

Part number I am using is AR-P190FLDC-T545 … d_395.html

The 19" Atom is part number AR-H190FL-N270
Can’t seem to find this on their website. I think both of the aforementioned are newer products, I can’t find any downloads on the website for my (work’s actually) new panel PC, I am getting them through my supplier.


Okay, Michael, I'll bite. How's this portable? :wink:

Looks like a nice unit, however.

This one works quite well: viewtopic.php?f=50&t=7742