Best design strategy for this type of navigation

I am trying to separate many different leases in the Oil & Gas Industry in one project…but some will have too many to use a tab strip to show them all. I will only need 3 tabs per lease “AKA” location…my idea was to use a drop down menu so they could select the lease “AKA” location they wish to view and it would open a screen that showed them the tabs and info for that location and then they select another from the dropdown to bring that locations info up etc…their could be up to 50 different locations so the drop down seemed like best option to me…but I have been messing with the dropdown menu in the skeleton project and can’t seem to figure how to make it function the way way i need it too…also not even sure if this is the best way to go…any input would be much appreciated.

tree view without a doubt.

Id look at elynx’s navigation and try and employ a similar strategy