Best economical Client Hardware

Hello Everyone,

We have vision based gateway with over 25 production clients. We have been using Ignition 7.8.5 with Dell 32 bit thin clients for past 7 years. As we are planning to implement 8.1, I am looking for some suggestion on replacing 32 bit thin clients with something economical and appropriate. I looked into Dell 64 bit clients are they seemed expensive. We are not really looking to run raspberry pi’s in the production yet.
Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

I have multiple customers who are very happy with the Intel NUC product line.

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They do seem like a good option

This probably isnt appropriate, but ive been using government surplus PC’s for years now for some applications. I work for a municipality so they are free to me, but they are almost free to the public.
If you are talking about the cheapest possible, i dont think there is anything that can compete. We initially bought dell industrial PC’s which all failed multiple times, then we tried Stealth PC’s, same thing. The surplus ones actually were the most reliable of what we tried. Again, probably not appropriate but has worked in my situation.,ca/browse/cataucs?catid=102

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