Best email services to use for alarm notifications?

I am setting up my first email notification pipeline using SMTP. I have been using an Outlook account with my email profile, which was working fine initially. However, my Ignition system generates a large number of alarms that need to be sent out, and Outlook sometimes mistakes these emails for spam and locks my account. After reaching out to Microsoft support a few times, it seems like Outlook is not the best option for sending out email notifications.

Which email services do people usually use for alarm notifications?

Thanks in advance!

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I would try to use the SMTP server of the company where the Ignition gateway is located.
Make sure that you put a sender's email address that gives enough clues as to the origin of the emails so that IT can track down the culprit if it starts to spew out emails due to an error. e.g.,

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Thanks. That's what I was trying to do originally. The company uses Outlook for business, and they set up a company Outlook account for sending out the alarms. The problem is that that type of account doesn't give you the same permissions to do things like generate an app password or setup OAuth 2.0, so it's more difficult to use with SMTP. We spent three weeks working with the organization admin and Ignition support trying to set it up, and eventually gave up and just used a regular Outlook account.

So I guess I'd like to try to exhaust all my other options before going back to that. But if that's the normal way of doing it, then that's what we might have to do.

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