Best Industrial Control symbols (or how best to use the Symbol Factory)?

I am doing some simulation of a large crane, and I want to replicate some of the physical control panels in order that I can drive it in the same manner as an onsite operator would do. And by replicate I mean create a skeuomorphic version of the panels that looks like the real thing.

My first choice of symbols is to use those supplied in the Symbol Factory. For an example see the Pilot light below.

This imports into a Perspective screen as a group SVG with lots of elements and sub elements. This is the perfect look I want for my simulation. But from a usability point of view it is less than ideal.

In order to animate the color of this light I have to drill down to:


I can then set a binding on the “paint” color that reflects the status I am trying to show.

But that is only a part of the story, as this drawing also has a highlight which needs to be separately color animated, and is located at:


My problem is that I need to manually drill down through the SVG and experiment with changing things in order to animate something that should only be a simple On/Off, and with a particular single color. And I need to do this with every different type of symbol in the Symbol Factory, and they all have different paths to the spots needed for animation. However once I have processed a single type of control I can add some custom properties on the object itself and then bind the deep properties to those custom properties (or apply a style based on some binding).

My question is then - Is my understanding on how I have to animate these symbols correct? Or is there something that I am completely missing? Or is there a different set of symbols I can use?

I know that the new fancy symbols are coming (at present Motor, Pump, Sensor, Valve, Vessel), but they are representational symbols only (which is what you should be using for an HMI for a plant - my use case is different)

Did you ever find a resource to take a look at the elements? I am experiencing the same thing where I have to open up all the elements and experiment to determine what I need to change.