Best Perspective component

What is the best Perspective component to show the On/Off status of a devce?

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Completely up to you.

If this is related to the Ignition credential test, you have to ask IA for help directly FYI, not here.


User59 strikes again


I appreciate the extra eyes on the forums for test questions. user59 is in the clear though.

@user59 I personally prefer to use the icon component, with an expression binding on the path property where based on your condition, it would evaluate to different icon paths. You can find out more about the icon component here:±+Icon

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I’m in the market for a shrubbery, anyone recommend the best one??



I recommend a Toggle Switch which has been disabled. This allows for displaying on/off state without the user believing they can change that value.

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I can foresee the inevitable email from the plant manager… “Why can’t I turn this pump on or off?”

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Wasn’t @user39 ?

Maybe… I guess that’s the issue with using a generic username, or the benefit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: It’s probably good to be anonymous if you’re trying to cheat on an exam


Indeed, haha

Alright, this is pretty embarrassing to find that Ive now become a joke on the ignition forums.

So I was working on the exam and Emailed the and the responder said the forums was a good place to start on looking at sorting Jsons. I took it as “Oh, I guess I can post there?” and did. Looking back, I’m sure he meant “seeing what’s already there”, knowing the answers wouldn’t be out right given.

With regards to the user name, Im actually not sure how I got this username. I logged into the forums, and it automatically signed me in, which is weird because I dont even remember signing up for the forums. I posted just assuming it was automatically signed to me because I was new.

Either way, super sorry about that. And quite embarrassing for my first introduction into the community. Guarantee it will not happen again. After about another 5 hours though, I did manage to find the solution myself.

My name is Kyle Bezuidenhout, and I’m very new to ignition, and actually programming in general.

Again, super sorry about that, I hope to not publicly embarrass myself again.


Oh well, misunderstandings and mistakes happen. We’re here to help–though we do try not to answer exam questions!

Haha, all good mate. Sorry if I was too harsh!! I meant it more in jest though :grinning:

And without further ado, welcome to Ignition, the forum, and the world of programming!