Best practice Edge Gateway network

Hello All,

I was wondering if there are any clear obvious reasons to either run your projects on the Edge devices, or create them on the Central Gateway. Which is considered best practice?

We are going to deploy a large Gateway network (Between 50 and 200 devices) and I can see pro’s and cons for both options. We will not use the HMI license, but we will run our project from a browser (Perspective).

Our server is at some location in the country, and the Edge devices are scattered throughout plants over the country. None of the Edge devices are production critical.

The biggest differences I can see is that when we choose to run from the Central Gateway, all solutions will halt when the there is an issue with that central Gateway server. However, from management point of view it seems easier when running from the Central Gateway.

Amount of tags per device range from 8 to 32, we need the Edge devices to collect local timestamp data and continue logging data when the network/Internet connection is down.