Best Practice String arrays /Dint arrays in Clogix

In architecting this solution I am looking to see if this will work reliably or not? I have an array of fifty multi-length strings and DINTs in a ControlLogix processor, using RSlinx OPC server. Structure looks like str_tagname[0]-[49], dint_tagname [0]-[49], etc. There are about 3-4 string arrays and 3-4 dint arrays in this data. I have setup a block group and tested from OPC–>DB and it created a table in MySql and seemed to work upon trigger, but when I tried to go in reverse DB–> OPC it failed everytime.?? Is this the method I should be using for this huge block of information? any ideas of why it failed the other direction?


What was the error that occurred when going the other way? You can go to Help->Log Viewer to browse through the errors from the groups.


Hey Colby,

I was able to get it to work by doing a block group and letting it make the table, then reversing the direction. I am doing about 300 tags some strings and some ints.