Best practice to develop panels in Multilanguages

I am looking for some advises, best practice to design panels that can be deployed in multiple languages such as English, Chinese… depend on the location of the factory.
Your help is appreciated.


We have made multilanguage gui for using database.
Basically you have to do one table on database where is native lang column and number of different langugage columns.
This table is like conversion table.
Example Table name= MultiLang

Then you have to write/import all native words in native language column, and translate other columns.
We made one client tag in project which tells which languge is choosed example finnish,english.
Example tag name “Language” type string. This value you can change easily from gui by dropdownbox.

Then all text, inputbox,labels ect labels where shown any words has to made using query.
Example if have button where label is START in english and KÄYNNISTÄ in finnish we used query:

SELECT [Langugage] FROM MultiLang WHERE ‘START’

There is also failsafe value which is good to config so that if query cant find translated word it will give native word.

Tommi Vahtera
THT Control Oy

There is also example for this in Extras area.

This is not done exactly like our solution but mainly works same.

Our solution is working very well and also give opportunity to make changes and new translations from 3rd party software directly to MySQL.

Tommi Vahtera
THT Control Oy

Thanks for the advices.