Best practice to install FSQL

I am installing FSQL on the manufacturing network and have two choices of where to install it. I can install it on the machine that is running RSVIEW32, ADS and all of the OPC servers (including RSLINX and Kepware) OR on the MSSQL server. Which is best? Neither machine is heavily loaded, but the RSVIEW machine is the busier of the two.


Hello Travis,

I would opt for the machine with the OPC servers. It is by far easier to get FSQL talking to the database on a different machine than it is to get it talking to OPC servers over the network. This isn’t so much a FactorySQL config issue as it is a windows one… when you’re talking to OPC servers over a network you’ve now entered into the realm of DCOM, which can be a pain to setup/troubleshoot. Talking to remote databases, on the other hand, involves simple day-to-day networking principals. Not to mention that it can even improve performance in many cases.

Hope this helps,