Best practices for triggering reports in Perspective

I'm trying to build a report to trace the raw materials in a finished product. I have the queries established, but wondered what the best practice was for triggering it.

In the user input view, they will type or scan the serial # of the product and a query will take that and get the related information by cross-referencing the various tables that hold the production and material info.

I thought it would be good for them to see the information on the view, but then thought I should embed a report so they could also print it.

Question 1: Instead of bringing all the information into the view, then somehow exporting that to the report, would it be better to just embed the report in the view then they can see and print from there? (that would save me extra work, I think)

Question 2: I see I can schedule a report, how can I trigger a report to run when they enter the serial # into the input field?

Thanks for the help!

I like to have the input parameters set in the view then pass those to a popup containing the report as parameters on something like a "Run Report" button.

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