Best Udemy courses for Perspective Component development

Udemy is having a sale on a bunch of its courses and I’m looking at purchasing some to help me understand how to build custom Perspective components. I’m eager to put in the time to learn this process, but like many beginners, I don’t know where to start or what to learn.

What courses are the most relevant? For instance, here is a course on TypeScript, another one on Gradle, and this one on Webpack. Or should I learn the fundamentals of Java?

Thanks in advance!

While some Udemy courses are great, please, keep in mind that their courses are always on sale. Just open the webpage on incognito mode or delete your browser’s cache.

I’m sorry this doesn’t answer you question, I don’t have experience developing perspective components.

Good luck!

How much value you’ll get out of those courses is going to vary; I obviously can’t vouch for the courses in particular, but, generally, knowing more about more things is going to make things easier. Ignition modules are written for the JVM (technically, they don’t have to be Java) - our current build system of choice is Gradle, but there’s other common tools for Java (Maven, Ant, Bazel); we provide a plugin for Maven and Gradle to make assembling a module a little bit easier, but really it’s just putting a well-formatted XML file inside a .zip full of your dependencies, so just about anything can assemble one.

As far as frontend tooling is concerned (that is, for a Perspective component) the tech stack is React. I think Typescript is technically optional, but you’re going to have a much, much easier time using it compared to vanilla JS anyways, so I would definitely recommend it. Similarly, webpack is not strictly required - you just need to put the built JS assets into the right place for your module assembly - it’s just that webpack is the ‘lingua franca’ of front-end build tooling.

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