Best User Source

I’m having a bit of a struggle trying to decided the best user source to use for a project.
The client has Active Directory and we have created an Active Directory user source that met all of our needs. A big advantage for us was the ability to have the IT department be the ones responsible for assigning roles.
The struggle now is we would like to start having employees sign into ignition using their access control card, so that we can recorded what employee are inputting data for reporting purposes. Needing to have employees logging in all the time on touchscreens isn’t practical (especially with the current lack of keyboard support for perspective). Using the Active Directory user source there is no way to add badge data. I had their IT department set up the AD/Internal user source, which allows me to enter badge data and badge login works flawlessly. However, I lost the ability to pull in roles from AD.

Is there a happy medium? Is there someway to have the IT department enter badge IDs in AD and have ignition be able to map them? I didn’t see that as an option. Is anyone else doing anything like this?