Best way to apply color scheme my windows and components

Im new to Ignition and I’d like to try creating a standard color scheme that I can apply to all my windows. This way I can make all my components match across windows and projects.

What would be the best way to do this?

I have tried saving the hex codes of the colours into tags and applying them to the relevant properties of the components but I feel that this will add quite a bit of overhead to any task.

Advice is welcome, thank you.

This may be version specific, but I have instructions from my supervisor to be certain to use only the authorized colors for our Automation type. To do that, we started a PALETTE in the DESIGNER which is a custom one. So you first pick out the colors that correspond to the important charts, then carefully use the manual manipulation of a designer object/component PROPERTY to get values. Then you carefully enter these into a spreadsheet for a CSV format. The magic here is the way the Hexadecimal numbers are managed. From there, putting this same custom Palette into any project gets easier. Looking up the values for components you build is a just too easy, once it works. My opinion, your mileage may vary (abbrev.YMMV). Or check out the training videos, if you have time…(sorry).

By the Way, here is the contents of one cell:
I hope that gives you a clue about the spreadsheet. Once the values are put in, you only need to load that into the designer in question so as to get the ‘custom’ color.