Best way to assemble every tags alert status into a table?

I am planning on using a odbc to opc client to make all of my tag alarm status available to win911 for callout functionality. I am having trouble figuring out the best way to put every tag in the tag database active alert status into a database table that would be updated say every minute. Also, the alert status has to be overwritten in the same row that it was originally placed, or it would throw everything off.

so lets say I have 50 total tags. I would want every one of those to be placed in a specific order in a table, with the name of the tag in one column, then the value of the alert active state in another column. The odbc to opc software would look at the value column and would call row 1 in the value column tag 1. row 2 tag 2, and so on.

anyone have any ideas on what to do? I can have up to about 15000 of these when Im done so it is important that it works efficiently.

You can use a table similar to the one created by an external Alert Storage Profile and add or remove a few columns to get what you want. SQL databases are very good at storing a large number of rows in a single table, so 1500 rows are not enough to worry about performance issues.

TopView SQL from Exele

We have added some details of integrating TopView SQL to Ignition. … /index.htm

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