Best way to build windows for different resolution monitors?

Im still working my way around the software trying to get accustomed to the differences between ignition and wonderware. I have put together a couple of nice looking screens on a 1024x768 monitor… but when I run the client on a 800x600 or a bigger size monitor everything either bunches up or Im left with alot of space on both sides. To start I have a navigation window that is docked north, and I also have a small window docked south that has a alert summary table so I can see the last few alarms. I then have floating windows between the docked windows with a jpeg drawing of my equipment, and then I have containers spread around the jpeg image or even on top of the image designating my end devices. any suggestions on the best way to optimize for a wide range of monitors?

Make sure you set the Layout Mode of each object in the floating window to Relative - if they contain text you probably want to tick the Scale Font option as well. I have also found it can look better if you anchor some of the items (such as window titles and username) in your navigation window to the left or right and to the top.

The general idea is to have some docked windows (typically with anchored layouts), and then a central set of “main screen” windows that are maximized (typically with relative layouts), and then popup (floating) windows above those.

The Windows section of the user manual covers much of this. The Example Project also is a good place to start.