Best way to configure tag history binding

I have 8 analog inputs that I want to keep track of and have tag history enabled. I am using Ignition Edge so no database but Edge Historian. My goal is to create a daily report/csv file that gives the value of each analog input once an hour for the last 24 hours. I am looking for advice on best way to do it. I am displaying values in a perspective session so I don't want to rely on scan rate to use as a basis for system.tag.queryTagHistory function. If I keep track of each analog input every 15 minutes can I set up my query to return a dataset and convert to csv where I can show each analog input value every hour for the last 24 hours?

Not sure if this is the best way but you could tend them on a PowerChart. Set the time to last 24 hours and set the samples to 24. When they click export, the trend will download as a csv. The time stamp will be funky but you can change that in the settings on the PowerChart.