Best way to connect to Omron CJ PLC?

Our evaluation of Ignition has progressed to the point that we are ready to use it on a small job for a customer.

We need to read and write to an Omron CJ series PLC.

I saw some posts from late last year indicating that a FINS driver was under consideration. Any progress on that?

If no FINS driver is imminent, what would be the best approach to getting the data from the PLC into tags?

If we talk to the PLC in Jython, do we lose out on some of the features provided by the standard device drivers? (For example, quality indicators.)

We have a module running in gateway space, using it successfully for database access.

Is there a functional advantage to exposing the data through SQLTags, compared to the Jython approach?

Would Jython save any development time over SQLTags, given that I’m now fairly comfortable in the module, and still a novice in Jython?

The best approach would be to use a third party OPC-UA server like Kepware that already has an Omron FINS driver.

I would say that Kevin’s been ornery about getting me a FINS driver, but I’ll keep quiet. :mrgreen:

The NJ driver was just released, with the FINS driver coming separately in the future.

In the meantime, you can upvote it at this topic here.

Understood that Kepware is available and preferable to writing our own interface.

Omron CJ systems are less than 10% of our business. I’ll hold my vote in reserve for now. No rioting, please. (Canadian style, or otherwise.) :slight_smile:

Whoa!!! $1174 for the Kepware Omron suite!!!

Maybe I’ll riot.