Best way to convert SLC 5/04 to ethernet

Currently have a Gw1000 ABEIP that was allowing ignition to talk to our SLC 5/04s. It was always sketchy at best, yet worked for a several months by increasing time out setting to 5000. Now, suddenly, it will not communicate and the old HMI that happens to still be there on the DH+ with an AB ISA card. The old HMI times out as well now but communication is restored once the blue hose from the GW1000 is unplugged. Anyone encountered this issue? In the event that the GW1000 crapped out, is there a better way to get the SLCs on Ethernet so we can resume using Ignition?

I have a similar situation where I have to talk to a PLC5/25 and get data into ignition. the 5/25 is Data Highway only, much like the 5/04.

There are options using the RS-232 port on the 5/04 if that is available. Red Lion makes a product called a DataStation Plus that would let you map registers from the DF1 (rs-232) protocol and get it onto ethernet. They have a driver that convinces RSLinx that the DSP is really an SLC 5/05 and it responds to data requests accordingly.

If the DF1 port is not available (like in my case) I am using a product from SoftPLC called a Smart Gateway. It programs in ladder similar to an old AB processor. You use a MSG instruction to read your data into memory in the Smart Gateway, then configure a driver to make that data available on ethernet. I am converting to Modbus TCP to get the info into Ignition, but that is personal preference. I am pretty sure they have an Ethernet IP or PCCC option available as well.

If you need more info on either of these, let me know.


If the serial port is available, add a Digi One IAP to the system. It will allow the 5/04 to be accessed over an Ethernet connection. It is similar to the Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-ENI. The Digi unit is more versatile and has performed much better for me as well as being half the physical size.

We recently bought a DataLink GW1000-ABEIP for an Ignition project done by a subcontractor and as far as I know, it is working well. In our case there are only three nodes on the DH+ network, a Panelview Standard, a 5/04 and the GW1000. I was not involved in the nuts and bolts of setting it up.

Hey, can you explain a little more about how you are using the Smart Gateway?

I think this is what we need to connect some 5/04 PLCs.

We’ve actually switched to a different device that is much easier to use. It is one of these:

It’s a bit spendy at $1200, but I suspect that most of that is the DH+ licensing fee that Rockwell charges. Nonetheless, it does the job well and is simple to set up.

I would definitely recommend going through the DF1 port if it is at all possible. You might consider a Moxa MGate 3270, which has 2 DF1 ports to allow any current connection to pass through, but lets you “wedge” an Ethernet/IP connection in to pull data out through that port as well. Full disclosure: I work for a Moxa distributor.

Hope one of those gets you going!


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