Best way to create a daily report based off tag values at the time

I’m looking for the most efficient way to create a report based off the following: It would be ran once daily and at a set time, say 8am. I currently have 23 locations that each have 4 of the same tag values. These are all in a organized in our tag structure as OPC tags with historical trending turned on (their paths would only differ by a a folder name by location (string) ex) [default]pipeline/{location}/meters/oil_psi/pv, [default]pipeline/{location}/meters/gas_psi/pv.

I’m guessing this would be a regular table with 5 columns of say, ‘Location’, ‘Oil PSI’, ‘Water PSI’, ‘Gas PSI’, and ‘Frac PSI’. It would have 23 rows, but a bonus would it to be dynamic if we were to add more locations into our tag structure.

I was trying to do this via a tag history query in reporting, but unable to, and also tried to getting these tag values into a dataset of some sort but am not familiar enough to do this via scripting. I’ve been reading through the dataset and reporting tutorials available, but those only have basic examples.