Best way to do a One Shot style on the designer side

Hey guys, Just wondering if there is a good way to do this… I have a folder full of fault queues so basically when the line faults however number of fault codes shows up in the first [faultQueue0 to faultQueue63]. what I want to do on my side ( I know it probably can be easily done on the PLC side) is to grab the first fault code that appears after the line goes down which would be faultQueue0 and hold it because to me that’s the reason line went down. sometimes they clear the first fault as they fix the issue and other faults may still exist and that’s why I like to grab that first fault that shows up and hold it even if it gets cleared. Now when the line comes back on I use a trigger to put that data in the DB basically telling them line went down from this time to this time and the reason that line went down was X. any ideas? Thanks a bunch!!!

Start messing around the scan class one shop and i think I got it working! I’d still like to hear if anyone else has any other idea?

I always do “First Out” logic in the PLC, where you can be sure the correct fault is identified as the first one.

unfortunately my problem is I don’t deal with the PLC side and the person that somewhat helping me right now is not 100% sure what he is doing lol so I rather do as much as I can on my side :stuck_out_tongue: