Best way to make 100+ randomly named OPC tags in Ignition

I was wondering what the best way to make 100+ randomly named OPC tags would be. I know what folders to place them under. At the moment, I'm just copy pasting a completed tag with the specific configurations I would like but manually changing the name and the OPC item Path. I just want to make sure I'm doing this the best way. I don't like the idea of UDT tags here and using the multi instance wizard, because again, I'm not the one in charge of naming these, and although there are some similarities between 3-5 tags, they are mostly random, and I only need 1 opc tag per item.

I mean you could manually type in the list of tag paths, and OPC item paths in a list and then use system.tag.configure() to create them.

Or if the data is in say an excel spread sheet then you could import them using the Apache POI library and create them that way.

Otherwise, outside of the multi instance wizard there is no first party tool that will help you do this any faster than you can just do it by hand (depending on your comfort level with scripting).


Use excel to build a json file for import