Best way to pivot a dataset

I’ve got a tall dataset that has a large number of rows that represent the shift schedule for all the machines at my plant… I’d like to pivot it so that I get something like the following:

Normally, I would just use numpy and pandas to handle the pivot… but since CPython libraries aren’t allowed, I’m kind of stuck with either having to do something funky (like write the dataset to a SQL table and use the SQL Pivot operator) or having to code the pivot myself.

Anyone have any suggestions? Is there an easy way to access R from inside of Ignition?

Thanks in advance,

You can do this with the view() expression function from my (free) Simulation Aids module.

As noted in the linked doc, you can even turn on a debug logger to have it show you the jython it writes for your specific case.

Very cool. Thank you for the quick response. I’ll see if this is going to work for my usecase.