Best way to scan barcodes in Perspective? Understanding the Barcode Scanned session event

We are looking to create an inventory program in Ignition. We are going to create barcode labels for our warehouse inventory, where the barcode might be simply an item number that associates itself in a database.

I’ve been trying to understand the Barcode Scanned session event, but it seems limited since it runs on the Gateway and there is only one central spot in Session Events that’s handling it. Also, the tutorials in the manual and training video reference writing to a global tag. However, what if we want to have several inventory programs or different modules that we create to make use of scanning barcodes with multiple users using their phones at once to scan something to bring an item up? What would be the best way to handle this, am I thinking incorrectly?

The Barcode Scanned event is specific to mobile apps. As you said it is part of the session, so the data is associated with the user. You can certainly have multiple people using it at the same time, each has their own session.

If you want to use the scan data in the UI, just send a message to the session and have an input component on the window listen for the message from the barcode scan event.

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