Best way to troubleshoot transaction error?

Keep getting this in my logs, not sure how to go about finding where it is coming from. We dont have any scripts that run fast enough to log an error every 5-6 seconds and our transaction groups that do run faster than 5-6 seconds seem to be running fine. I even disabled the transaction groups to see if it would stop but it didnt. also disabled and enabled the database connection but that didnt make a difference either.


What version are you currently running? I vaguely remember a possible issue with transactions not being cleaned up correctly. If you see the same transaction ids reported multiple times, that must be what’s going on, instead of real errors occurring.

To explain it differently, this started off with a transaction in scripting. The transaction perhaps wasn’t closed, and there’s a daemon that monitors those, and closes them after a period of time. However, I think there was a bug (which I can go try to confirm), where that system would keep trying to shut down the same bad transactions over and over.


The bug I had in mind was fixed in 7.6.6, and could cause something like this.


Colby, we are running:

Ignition Platform
7.5.11 (b1526)

Would this issue go back to 7.5? It sounds similar to what you are talking about because we just dont have anything that I can find or remember that is running fast enough to log at the rate the error is being logged.

Yes, looks like 7.5 could have the same problem. We can back port the fix, I think 7.5.13 will be released within a few weeks.

You can try the following right now to stop the messages: Try going to the script playground in the designer and run


Do that for the ids being reported for the errors. You shouldn’t get any more messages for that id afterwards.


Looks like it worked. Thanks for your help.