Better access to tag provider tags

Bad title I know but I’m not sure what else to call it. I’m wondering if there are any plans to make it easier to just find a list of tags in a tag provider? A while ago I made a UDT that would essentially do a lot of browseTags() calls on the gateway side that does this, and I’ve found a lot of uses for this information. It’d be great if it was easier to access though. I think one time I even tried to access the internal tag manager somehow (was a long time ago, I forget exactly what it was) and even there, I couldn’t find an actual list of tags.


I don’t think it’ll be in 8.0.0, but shortly after (probably like 8.0.2… we’ll put out more details about our release plans soon) we want to do 2 things in regards to this:

  1. Even further enhanced system.tag.browse, or perhaps a new system.tag.query, for use in your project (very similar to alarm status query in terms of flexibility of matching arbitrary property conditions)
  2. A new advanced Tag browse/list tool in the designer, built on top of that, to let you query tags and view them in a table.

Basically, we’ve heard from a variety of users that the need a better way to get an overview or report of all the tags in their system- which is what I take your question to be based on. If you have a different goal, I think #1 alone would help you.