BH.4404.O OPC UA server connection faults on SQLTags browse

I having a hard time tracing this. I think if ANY auth profile in the gateway is in error, then when you go to browse a OPC device, it faults the connection to the OPC server. We setup a new project to use a DB Auth profile, and now, whenever we browse OPC tags, the connection faults. Mentioned something about an error in the Auth profile, but the OPC UA Server is set to use a different profile. This ones wierd, or Im too tired, one of the two

I think this is the error causing it

BTW, the file upload is nto working in the new forum, makes it hard to uplaod images and such

Can you email me the whole log file?

Done, also

I’ve fixed this, I’ll post a new build soon.

Oh thank you. As you can imagine this was quit the showstopper last night. Top notch support as always guys.

4408 is on the website. Sorry about the trouble you had.