BH.4408.O OPC Tag mapping from OPC-UA changes

On tag export, delete and import, the tag layout changes coming from the OPC server. For example, lets say I have a tag as:

Sometimes, at random, the tags need to be mapped as


Where PT100.EU shows up as the tag name, not folder > folder > EU.

I get a ton of the following error.

OK, on reboot, the tags were fine, except for a few. Every reboot, the same tags are wrong. But I dont think they were wrong during the export delete import error phase.

I see lots of these errors in the console, but for different tags.

[code]Message [SFDemo] Could not find parent while processing tag attribute for PID_CONTROLLERS.BNOT_01.

Logger com.inductiveautomation.xopc.drivers.allenbradley.requests.ABControlLogixBrowseRequest


Could you send me your log file again? I’m not really sure how you’re getting this to happen.

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