BHHHH.4803.O Tags stop updating randomly

Host Ubuntu Server 9.10 x64
Ignition 4803
Java 1.6.0u16

Tag subcriptions are not working. My historical group had 0 subscriptions active, although I had 300 SQLTags set to log. Transactions were not executing. If I checked the OPC status page, the subscription were not updating.

I know you know of this issue, just letting others know not to upgrade to 4803. Might only be an issue in large tag projects.

We’ve identified the cause of this problem and a fix should be available soon.

This is fixed in 4829. SWEET!!! Keep up the awesome work and thanks for dealing with the bugs/issues I find.

This was a big one, and it affected 7.0.6 as well which is why we released 7.0.7 so soon.