Bi-directional option in tag binding

I believe I understand the concept but I noticed something earlier I wasn’t sure if I should worry about it or not.
A few months ago I was messing around with bi-directional option trying to figure it out, all went well. Earlier today I noticed pretty much all the components I’ve used(anything from input fields to display items and so on) if their data property value is bind to a tag they are all set to bi-directional, now i understand this is helpful if you like to write to a memory tag or SQL tag or something like that, majority of my components are bind to OPC tags, Now as long as my components are not Input components I shouldn’t really worry about that issue right? since the only way to change the value of that data property is to do it from the designer and even then error pops up since the designer is in the read only mode. I guess what I want to know is, is there a way to turn off the bi-directional option from all the components all together (some master setting or something) or do I have to go one component at a time (which I have been) or should I not bother with it as long as there are not Input components since client cant put values in and make changes. Hope this wasn’t too confusing :open_mouth: Thanks as always this is on v. 7.7.4 by the way.

If you can’t edit the value that is bidirectionally bound on the component from the client you’re fine to leave the bidirectional on, otherwise you’re going to have to turn bidirectional off. I’m fairly certain there isn’t a master on/off switch for the bidirectional binding unless you want to set the client to readonly mode when they login and get error messages if they touch anything that is bound.

Thanks for the reply, it helped but I was also informed that unless the permission is not given from the PLC side even if I enable the read/write mode I still wont be able to write back to the PLC which makes it great.