Bidirectional Binding of EasyChart Axes to a client Tag


When I try to do bidirectional Binding of the EasyChart Axes to a client dataset , I can see that the bidirection checkbox is greyed out. It is possible to bidirectional bind to a property.

When I bind to a internal template property, the dataset is not always updated. Is this a restriction or a bug? What Can I do to inspect the automatically created axes when a tag is dropped on the chart?

I am using ignition 7.9.5.

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Consider using a propertyChange event script looking for event.propertyName=='tagPens' to catch new tag historian trends.

Ok great,

I’ll try to do the binding manually by using the propertychange event.


Beware! There be dragons! Specifically, it is easy to make infinite recursion that way. I would suggest not binding at all. Simply use the propertyChange event to process the tagPens dataset for whatever actions you need when new tags are plotted.