Bidirectional bindings not working on Templates (sometimes)

Here’s the scenario:

  • I’ve made a complex control with a Template, with has a Enabled boolean dynamic property.
  • Inside the template, I’ve a Toggle Button which it’s Selected property is in bidirectional-binding with the Template’s Enabled property.
  • In a Window, I’ve a Template instance and also a Toggle Button, with it’s Selected property also in bidirectional-binding with the Template instance’s Enabled property.

What is working:

  • If I click on the Window’s Toggle Button, then all properties are correctly updated.

What is NOT working:

  • If I click on the Template’s inner Toggle Button, the binding is not performed. Leaving a rare-case where 2 properties in binding has mismatching values.

I’ve attached a sample project for this bug.

I was able to mock this up here but I’m unsure as to what exactly is causing the issue. I added a ticket for this issue and sent it to the development team for them to have a look at what could be happening. Someone will post back here when we have more information about this issue.

The problem here is that your custom property was named “Enabled” with capital “E” and there is another, built-in property on the component called “enabled” and the binding was looking at the wrong one because it was looking up the property without case sensitivity.

This has been fixed for 7.6.4

Great, thanks!